Typography Layout

In our Design class we had an in-class assignment to create a page layout using our knowledge of typography.

For this, we were required to include various elements and tags in HTML and style them appropriately with CSS and make it responsive for a topic of our choice.

I decided to base my assignment on the band Fugazi. Taking my information from Wikipedia, I went ahead and stylized my page with various H1, H2, P, Table, Blockquote, Definition List tags to put this altogether along with various CSS attributes such as Em font sizes, line-height, word-spacing and much more.

After that we were to take our knowledge of Typography and apply it to make Serif and Serifs typefaces with imported Fonts from Google that contrast each other perfectly to make it look professional with a sleek design.

Pretty simple assignment, but good practice in design and responsiveness. This makes for more efficient Website Design in the end.

Click Here!

Thanks for stopping by!

– Mike


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