Composite 2 Complete! For now….

Again, it’s been a while since I posted anything new, yeah, sorry about that again!

Reason is, I’ve been pretty busy with our Composite 2 assignment as we had to create an application built on PHP, MySQL, AJAX, jQuery and CSS.

With 2 other group members we managed to create a World Traveling Application that allows users to sign up and submit reviews for cities that they have been to around the world.

You can see it here, hosted on one of my group members’ hosting:

Feel free to sign up yourself and try out the functionality!

We managed to complete this within a 2 week span which included conceptualization, building out the layout and adding functionality as well as testing.

Of course, there’s much more that we’d to put in the future but we managed to add in Login/Logout functionality, uploading Avatars and adding Reviews and Comments.

For more information, please read the documentation below:

Click Here!

Thanks for stopping by!

– Mike


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