The Beginnings of a Masterpiece….


More often than not, you’ll visit a website for it’s eye-catching visuals such as an image gallery, a cool video, a visually pleasing colour scheme and/or overall easy layout.

Sometimes even, you’ll just come to enjoy a quick snippet or meme for your own amusement, such as the one above. In any case, what most people don’t realize is that they are actually contributing to the overall psychology of website traffic and behaviour that humans are a part of, i.e. visually pleasing images, colours and layouts. We all have certain looks and styles we identify with and this all matters of course as much as the Development cycle does when creating a website or application for your clients.

Design is as much important as functionality – in fact, before most Developers begin to touch any code for a website or application, a visual aid (or wireframe, mockup, etc.) is created for them to go by and refer to when moving forward and coding up the whole project. Hence, why the Graphic Designers, Illustrators, and UI/UX Designers are needed here the most. They have the eye for enticing and appealing imagery, colours and layouts needed to keep visitors on the page as long as possible and have them keep coming back. Of course, that is not to say that you can’t be both a Designer and Developer but normally on larger-scaled projects you would be relegated to one role focus and have someone else (or other team) deal with the other roles exclusively.

As a Designer, you are taking much into account when creating a mockup for the developer or development team. As mentioned above they need to take into account colour schemes, font-types, layouts, dimensions, logos, banners, galleries, nav bars and other matters as well when putting this together. Generally the client will know the look they are going for but more often than not, they won’t know everything 100%, which is why the Designer steps in to guide them to what they are striving for with examples. They may go through some sample mockups to which the client would review and finally approve the look they are going for and in turn the Development team would finally receive the approved look to begin putting the pieces all together. This, in a nutshell, is referred to as Branding. We’ll touch base later on how important branding is to a company or individual.

The Scoop

In the end, it’s in yours and your client’s best interest to have an easy to navigate website that is visually pleasing for your visitors with hi-res images and a distinguishable look that appeals to them and is recognizable with their brand.

Why and how do we hi-res images and content? We’ll get more into that later on, but for now, here’s a gallery of some sample websites that take all our aforementioned Web Design factors and apply them masterfully in their own way a to give them a professional, up-to-date look for their brand:

I Look Good!

Thanks for reading!!

– Mike