Custom WordPress Theme

Our final assignment in the WDDM Program at Humber College was a choice between several different assignments that each involved a culmination of the skills we learned in the program.

One of the choices available was to create a Custom WordPress Theme. As such I had decided to build one based on the default Twenty Seventeen Theme.

I’ve had experience in the past creating websites built with WordPress and I’ve worked with child themes before but I thought I’d take a step further with this CMS. With some of the lessons we had in this program on WordPress I definitely wanted to do this particular challenge.

For this, I decided to do a WordPress Website for a club downtown that could be used by the staff to easily and constantly update the website with new event listings and for visitors/patrons to view the listings of the club and have different methods of contact for various purposes (booking events, general questions, etc).

After installing WordPress and connecting to the database manually on a subdomain through my hosting, I created a new folder on my Desktop and added the first default files for my Custom Theme. These included the main Stylesheet, Index.php file, the Functions.php file (not imperative, but just in case!) and for good measure a screenshot.png image to recognize it better in the Themes page on the back-end. After making the necessary adjustments in the comments I uploaded the theme into the themes folder.

I activated the Theme thereafter and began to make the first changes which was to remove some of the default features and styles to almost start from scratch.

I had already known what look I was going for with the website so I applied the styling and fonts and edited the layout of the website. This involved me editing other files which included but was not limited to the Header.php and Footer.php files which I had to upload to the Custom Theme folder.

To add more features to the website I installed plugins such as a Masonry Plugin as well as a Contact Form plugin. In a more traditional sense, I would have created these features from scratch but seeing as this is WordPress, I thought why make it more complicated than it has to be?

The Event Listings page is the actual Posts page, which I initially had another plugin installed for that but after receiving some advice I removed the plugin and set that particular page as the listings page which can be updated by adding and removing posts as you would normally do on WordPress. Additionally, the website is Responsive as well.

There are some other features I do want to add to this particular theme, one major one would be to include a separate ticket link for events where visitors can go and buy tickets directly from the venue through the website – we’ll see how that goes but stay tuned for updates!

You can see my current version here:

Click Here!

Thanks for stopping by!

– Mike